Refrigerator Dill Pickles

Here's video from way back in the day, from when I volunteered in the Garden program, From The Ground Up at Wonderland School in Laurel Canyon. Good Times! The Garden program really sealed the deal in getting kids to learn about the natural world. And by the way, cucumbers are not a vegetable, but a fruit! Enjoy the viedo and recipe. Happy Spring!

Refrigerator Dill Pickles 


1 cup apple cider vinegar
1/4 cup unbleached sugar
4 teaspoons sea salt
1 teaspoon mustard seeds
1 teaspoon coriander seeds 
1 teaspoon dill seeds
 2 cups hot water
handful of fresh dill
3 cloves garlic, chopped



1. Combine vinegar, sugar, salt, mustard seeds, coriander seeds, and dills seeds in a heatproof bowl. Add hot water and stir with a wooden spoon until the sugar is dissolved and the liquid is clear. Set aside and cool to room temperature.

2. Slice the cucumbers into thin disks. Chop the garlic and fresh dill. Place the cucumber, dill, and garlic into the pickling jar. 

3. Check to make sure that the brine is cool. Using a funnel, slowly pour the brine through the funnel into the jar until it is 3/4 full. Twist the top ton ightly and refrigerate for 24 hours. The pickles will keep for 2 weeks.