The Magic Meadow Story

Consciously handcrafted with organic ingredients and sustainable packaging, Magic Meadow grew out of a passion to create zen, multipurpose skincare with pure ingredients to elevate and simplify our family's daily routine. Pure sunshine in a jar, our creations are head to toe moisturizers that uplift your skin to give it a natural glow. 

Grounded with an intention of coexisting and collaborating with nature, Magic Meadow products are gentle enough for the whole family to use. Infused with organic herbs to powerfully rejunvenate your skin, without preservatives, synthetic fragrance, fillers, or plastic packaging that harms the environment.

Along the 15 year path, our cream has soothed not only our family's skin, but many nature-loving friends. A jar for anyone in need of a soulful pick me up, to clear up a sweet baby’s eczema, to soothe a sunburn on the beach, to deeply hyrdate dry rough hands in the garden, or offerings in yoga classes. After years of enjoying this magical creation for our family, it's time to share the joy with you. 

Honor and take care of yourself. Shine from the inside, then beam and elevate all you meet along the path.

Peace and Blessings, 

The Magic Meadow Crew