Where is Magic Meadow All In One Skin Cream made?  Every jar is handmade with care and love in the U.S.A.

Are your products organic? Yes! All of our ingredients are 100% organic. We pride ourselves on quality ingredients that feed and heal your body, mind, and soul.

Are your products safe to use during pregnancy and/or breastfeeding? 

Yes, our products are gentle enough to use during pregnancy. Saying this, we recommend you consult with your trusted healthcare provider before starting a new herbal regimen. 

Do you test on animals?  We are proud to say a joyous NO. We love animals, and do not test on them. 

Are your products vegan?  As we use a small amount of local beeswax, our cream is not vegan.

We are a small, handmade-to-order business. While we grow in a sustainable way, we do this within human limits. Respectfully, we are small and not a large retail chain. Please cultivate patience and allow time to eat, sleep, and enjoy life. These are essential ingredients which make our creations for you so magical.

Do you offer samples? As we are a small business, we do not offer samples. Every jar is made with light, love, and pure vibrations. We thank you for your kind support!