She's A Magic Mama

I connected with Constance Baker 4 years ago through the Instagram account of her boutique @weepahway. She sold curated vintage at music festivals and pop ups in 2009, then opened Weepah Way in Highland Park in 2014. Full disclosure, I rarely shop curated vintage, because like Constance, we both enjoy the experience of nosing through rags houses, dusty racks at thrift shops, eyeing/ editing the rails for quality fabrication and patina. Constance has The Most incredible eye, and her selfies wearing stylish outfits on Instagram became a delicious (and naughty) virtual shop. All I can say is quite a few drives across town to purchase “ugh that’s too good” pieces I knew would take years for me to find. Quite possibly never. Constance to the rescue!

A few of the pieces I bought. Lucky to snag! Posts would say “SOLD” in minutes. 


A Yummy Teddy Coat 


Mellow Yellow 

Fun connections: we both lived on Weepah Way in Laurel Canyon: she grew up on the street, and I lived there for 5 years. Her Husband’s in the music business, and I worked as backing singer in LA and London for 15 years. Then, there’s real estate: I flip houses with my Husband, and since 2019 Constance is a real estate agent with Maisonette and a thriving business in Los Angeles. We’re also bonded by Motherhood: On January 11, 2023, she gave birth to the most beautiful Cybil, a journey that began in 2021 with an endometriosis excision surgery, and then IVF in 2022. You did it Mama!

SOLD! Chic Listing in Joshua Tree

When I started Magic Meadow, I sent her samples of skin cream, and she purchased soon after. I cannot tell you how full circle that moment was, to purchase her lovely vintage pieces, then she purchase Magic Meadow, as a woman and new entrepreneur….so rewarding. I find her distinctive eye for clothes, interiors, and the homes that she sells incredibly inspiring!
Constance's Stunning Bathroom 

Recently, she sent message that said, “I have to tell you my baby got really bad acne. I started applying coconut oil which helped, but it should return the next day. I tried Magic Meadow on her, and it totally cleared up the baby acne, and the cradle cap that extended outside of her ears. This stuff is pure gold. I love magic meadow. It’s become my go to for everything skin and hair. Its all natural and so gentle I even use it on my baby girl. It’s literally magic!” Her kind words inspired me to share more about her beautiful and unfolding life journey. 

Check out Constance: