The Grocery List


I was a little overwhelmed when I discovered the world of healthy eating. It felt like there were a million things to learn. This was waaay back in the day, in the 80’s when there were only a few local health food stores, a couple of Coops, and one Erewhon in LA. Thankfully the staff were incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. 

Reclaim your health! With the growing cost of health care, food as medicine is key. While it’s important to have a good relationship with your doctor, eating well and light exercise are the best ways to prevent unnecessary doctors visits. This does not mean swearing off the fun stuff. As long as it’s not an every day occurrence, you’re good to go. It’s all about balance.
Organic fruit and vegetables aren’t sprayed with harmful pesticides - chemicals that poison to your body (and the soil they grow in). The toxic build up of pesticide in the body can actually shorten your life. Try a taste test comparing conventional fruits and vegetables vs organic. Organic fruit and veg are bursting with flavor and importantly contain more nutritional value to boost your health.

Worried about the expense of going organic? That old chestnut. I have a story for you. My husband Toby is one of the loveliest, but cheapest men on the planet. So much so, that it’s become a long standing joke among friends and family. Although he’s helped me to appreciate the value of a dollar, the tightness unnerved me to no end in the beginning of our relationship. Toby used the cheapest brand of toilet paper. I’m talking tree bark. Soft tissue paper is a no brainer for me, but when we moved in together, we would literally bicker in the aisles of supermarkets about which brand to buy. Toby couldn’t seem to understand the merits of spending a few extra pennies for a more pleasurable experience in the salle de bain. Needless to say, we got through it - one does not divorce over Angel Soft.


The pain of our first trip to Whole Foods. “Do we really need all of those organic (in a snippy tone) bananas?” “What’s the difference between these organic Heirloom tomatoes and the conventional Roma ones? ” “Tempeh? It looks like…..” All this, and I was making dinner. I arrived to the check out a little agitated. How enjoyable was it to see the humbled look on his face when it cost no more than the usual bill? Ummm hmmm, thasss right! Then he ate the Heirloom tomatoes in his salad at dinner and exclaimed, “Wowwrr these are delicious” The joy of transitioning to a healthier lifestyle. Trust me, if my Husband can go organic, anyone can.

In LA I shop at Farmers Markets, The Co Op in Santa Monica, Erewhon, or Lazy Acres, and our local Trader Joes, that carries a lot of organic products. The are no rules here, simply ideas. Let your intution lead the way.

The Magic Meadow Grocery List

Here is a basic list of staples that won’t bog you down with a bunch of food you won’t ever use. In the beginning, try small quantities (one pound bags of rice for example) so the overall cost is low. Whenever possible, use organic products for nutritional value and flavor.

Fresh Fruit and Vegetables in season

organic designer bags of lettuce (ex. 1 bag of romaine for crunch and 1 bag mixed leaves for depth of flavor)
fresh heads of lettuce
pea pods or boy choy for more exciting stir frys


short grain brown rice (has a slightly sweeter taste and chewier than long grain)
white or brown basmati rice
quinoa (a tasty grain, pronounced keen wah)
brown rice noodles (penne or spaghetti)
buckwheat noodles

Beans and Soy products (use soy sparingly)

brown or green lentils
dry or canned black beans (dry requires overnight soaking, canned for quick cooking)
dry or canned chickpeas (same as above)
extra firm tofu or baked, marinated tofu
Organic tempeh (a nobbly soy product that can be marinated for stir frys or grilled as cutlets)


olive oil (cook with regular rather than extra virgin)
tamari soy sauce (wheat free soy sauce is also available)
sea salt
apple cider vinegar
natural mustard (no sugar)
natural ketchup (no sugar)


agave syrup or raw honey
maple syrup
medjool dates (soak and blend into syrup)


whole wheat, stone ground, gluten free bread, or unyeasted sourdough (most digestible)
whole wheat or corn tortillas
essene bread (sun baked and dehydrated bread that comes in yummy flavors in the frozen or cold shelf)

Spreads and Jams

fruit jams (fruit juice sweetened only)
cashew or almond nut butters

Baking Department

unbleached white flour
whole wheat flour
baking soda (no aluminum added)
baking powder (no aluminum added)
bicarbonate of soda (no aluminum)
vanilla (no alcohol)
vegan dark chocolate chips

Nuts (buy raw)

sunflower seeds
pumpkin seeds


spring water
almond, rice, oat, or soy milk
organic milk
juice (no sweetener or color added)
fruit and herbal teas: peppermint, chamomile, nettle, raspberry leaf, yogi teas

Breakfast Cereals

Choose one or two cereals from the following:
rolled oats
puffed rice, wheat, corn, or kamut
raw dehydrated granola or gluten free granola (no sugar added)
boxed cereals with flax, kamut, or any other healthy grains (no sugar added)


rice cakes (no caramel or other sweetened types)
popcorn (no microwave popcorn please. full of baddies)
essene bread (a moreish bread that is addictive, but thankfully healthy)
mochi (made from brown rice and puffs when baked. Delish)
dried fruit (stick to unsulphured. much better for you)
Roasted tamari covered nuts and seeds

Sustainable Natural Skin and Body Care

Check the ingredients list! Eco friendly, Non toxic ingredients, sulphate free, rzero dyes, or synthetic frangrance. What goes on your body goes in your body! Recyclable and sustaiable packaging.

Natural Bristle Body Brush or Loofah for skin brushing

Skincare and Bodycare products with organic and nontoxic ingredients 

Dental care with nontoxic non gmo ingredents with recyclable packaging.

Biodegrable detergent and washing liquid or powder.

Compostable trash bags.

Relax. Less Stress. Stay Postive. Stay Happy